Momentis Offers Carbon Offset Program

Momentis announced the launch of JustGreen™ Lifestyle, a green energy initiative designed to educate and empower everyone—from students to families and businesses—to learn more about their impact on the planet and what they can do to curb harmful carbon emissions linked to climate change.

Available through Momentis independent representatives, JustGreen Lifestyle can help consumers reduce their energy-related environmental footprint. The program pursues clean and renewable energy solutions that support green projects across North America. These include solar, hydro, wind power and methane capture facilities. Through the program, participants have the option to allocate the carbon offsets to a green energy project that is meaningful to them.

JustGreen Lifestyle also announced a partnership with Live Nation Entertainment to make Live Nation’s concert venues more environmentally sustainable. JustGreen Lifestyle will audit 85 participating concert venues in the United States to evaluate energy use and purchase carbon offsets to bring the concerts carbon neutral.

Momentis is an innovative network marketing company promoting competitive electric power and natural gas supply, as well as environmentally responsible green energy supply solutions. Momentis is a subsidiary of Just Energy Group Inc.