Initials Inc. Co-Founder on Direct Selling and the Modern Woman

Initials Inc. President and Co-Founder Britney Vickery recently spoke to Bloomberg about how her company and the industry are appealing to a new generation of women.

Following several years of triple-digit percentage growth year-over-year, Initials Inc. is on pace to be a $400 million-plus company in a few years. Vickery attributes the company’s success to the philosophy behind its personalized products: “There’s only one you.” Empowering individuals to realize their unique talents and abilities has helped Initials Inc. attract new customers and support its Creative Partners.

As Vickery says in this month’s DSN cover story, knowing who you are as a company enables you to attract the right people. “The better you can hone in to find who you are, the better your ability to go out and grab people who are attracted to that,” Vickery said. “Look at who you are, what you are trying to accomplish in the company. What is that vision you want to grow?”

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Initials Inc. Founders Named Outstanding Georgia Citizens

Britney Vickery and Ivy Hall, Co-Founders of Initials Inc., were honored with the Outstanding Georgia Citizen Awards during their recent Leader Day at the State Capitol.

Secretary of State Brian Kemp presented the awards with District 10 State Representative Terry Rogers and District 28 State Representative Dan Gasaway in attendance. Sisters Vickery and Hall co-founded Initials Inc. in 2005, having recently celebrated eight years in business.

Leader Day at the Capitol was part of the company’s Annual Leadership Retreat held in Atlanta, with over 65 independent creative leaders and directors from all over the country participating.

With a core philosophy of “There’s only one you!” Initials Inc. is a direct seller of personalized handbags and accessories offered through home parties.