LifeVantage Slated to Enter Europe in Early 2016

LifeVantage is setting its sights on the European Union, with plans to open its first markets in the region early next year. Initially, the company will offer its wellness, skincare and pet care products in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, LifeVantage said Wednesday.

“The United Kingdom represents one of the fastest growing markets within direct selling, and their distributors are product-oriented business builders who leverage technology to drive their organizations,” CEO Darren Jensen said in a statement. “The Netherlands represents nearly $150 million in retail sales with more than 48,000 distributors in the country.”

As a whole, the EU accounted for nearly $33 billion in retail sales last year, according to industry research by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA). LifeVantage plans to leverage its business in the U.K. and the Netherlands as a gateway to additional EU countries, with the Netherlands serving as its logistics hub in the region. The company will begin holding business meetings in the two markets in February 2016.

Utah-based LifeVantage currently operates across North America and Mexico, as well as select markets in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines. The company generated revenue of $208 million in 2014, placing it at No. 67 on this year’s DSN Global 100 ranking.


Q&A: Younique Opens for Business in Germany

Younique, the fast-growing beauty brand known for its virtual parties, is opening this month in Germany, its second European market. Outside the U.S., the company also operates in the U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Founded in September 2012, Younique identifies as a mission-first beauty company dedicated to uplifting, empowering and validating women through its products and business opportunity. The Utah-based brand currently has more than 265,000 Presenters marketing its wares via social media. Younique’s Director of International Market Development, Jordan Meyer, spoke to DSN about bringing the virtual business to a new market.

DSN: What does launching a new market on social media look like? How do you get the momentum going?

JM: We have an army of women who are on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. When we launch a new market, they’ve all got their various strategies, and they don’t let the barrier of a new country stop them from their business activities. Social media platforms are really conducive to cross-border growth.

DSN: What makes Germany a good fit for Younique?

JM: When we select markets, we choose places where our Presenters can be successful, where consumers in those markets use the same social media platforms our current Presenters use. We look at a variety of metrics, such as social media footprint, makeup market size, direct selling makeup market size, and especially how much e-commerce happens in the country. We also look for markets where our current presenters have relationships and business ties.

DSN: When it comes to international expansions, what is the most significant challenge you’ve encountered so far?

JM: International expansion is just hard. It’s hard when you’re talking about new languages, and as a company this year we’re entering Mexico and Germany. The whole organization has to adapt when we’re using a new language, and because we don’t know the language we feel like we lose some control. To sum it up in one word, localization is a big challenge.

DSN: Younique is in a pre-launch phase in Mexico, where you’ll officially open in October. Are there any other expansions on the horizon?

JM: Yes! At our recent convention, we announced that we will be opening in France next year. We’re looking at the first half of 2016.

Mannatech Million Dollar Club Tops 200 Associates

Dallas-based Mannatech is marking a growth milestone with the latest addition to its Million Dollar Club, made up of associates whose earnings have topped $1 million. The social entrepreneurship brand said Thursday that its Million Dollar Club has now reached 200 members.

Though North America accounts for nearly half of Mannatech’s revenue, some of the company’s newest million-dollar achievers reflect its growth in international markets, where total revenue increased nearly 4 percent in 2014. The skincare and nutrition brand, which ties its business to fighting childhood malnutrition through the Mission 5 Million (M5M) program, said that recent additions to the Million Dollar Club hail from Australia, Japan and Korea, as well as the U.S.

“Very few companies in our industry have ever generated 200 millionaires,” Mannatech President Al Bala said in a statement. “We have a commitment to providing the best products and support to help our Associates build businesses that last.”

The company’s current power products include the Generation Uth Skin Care System and the detoxifying Refresh and Rejuvenate Purification Program, which unite multiple products in a targeted regimen. Mannatech also reported the successful introduction of its MannaBOOM Slimsticks immune supplement into the brand’s emerging markets.

Youngevity Closes out 2014 with Record Revenue

Photo: Youngevity distributors kick off the year with an incentive cruise.

Youngevity International (OTCQX: YGYI) continued its double-digit growth streak in 2014 by more than doubling revenue, the company reported this week. The San Diego-area firm is setting its sights on international markets as it continues to expand its portfolio of nutrition and lifestyle products.

Youngevity reported 2014 revenue of $134.0 million, a 56.5 percent increase versus 2013. Revenue derived from acquisitions was $14.5 million. Net income increased to $5.4 million, up from $2.7 million in the prior year, largely due to a $4.7 million tax benefit from adjustments to deferred taxes.

“If I had to put a label on 2014, I would call it the year of refinement because we successfully refined nearly every key component of the company,” President Bill Andreoli told investors during the company’s earnings call. Throughout the year, Youngevity made improvements to its product warehousing and logistics system, website and online shopping experience, field training and recognition systems, and both its acquisition and organic growth strategies.

The company’s ongoing acquisition strategy has positioned it across the Health and Wellness, Beauty and Care, Food and Beverage, and Home and Family categories. This year Youngevity added energy services, including renewable energy options, through a partnership with Energy Professionals. In addition to its direct sales segment, Youngevity operates CLR Roasters, a vertically integrated gourmet coffee business.

Youngevity’s direct selling revenue grew 51 percent for the year, totaling $161.3 million, while the commercial coffee business grew 101 percent to $17.7 million. At year-end, total assets were $55.7 million, compared to $34.9 million at the close of 2013.

The company’s leadership says that in 2015 and beyond it will focus on establishing the brand across international markets, which accounted for just 8 percent of 2014 sales. Youngevity reports significant growth in Canada, its largest international market, as well as Australia and New Zealand, where it recently obtained a facility three times the size of the existing one to support demand in the region.

Recent expansions include Russia, where Youngevity has opened a Moscow office, and Singapore, where it hopes to build distribution within the Asian marketplace. Youngevity is also building a presence in Mexico with an eye toward additional Latin American countries.

Creative Memories Finds a New Home and New Backing

After undergoing two bankruptcies within five years only to close its doors in 2014, the iconic Creative Memories (CM) brand has reopened with new ownership and a streamlined direct sales strategy.

The company reemerged from its second bankruptcy with a new name—Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories—before again closing its doors in late summer 2014. That’s when an unexpected twist occurred: Caleb Hayhoe, Chairman of Flowerdale Group Ltd., and previously, Founder and CEO of RT Sourcing, made a decision to buy the Creative Memories Japan business and in North America the Creative Memories® and Ahni & Zoe™ brands, patents, artwork, products and manufacturing equipment—and reopen once again as a direct selling company. Now debt-free and backed financially, CM is looking to carve a new path.

Hayhoe became involved with Creative Memories in 1997 when the company approached his product design and sourcing company—which then was operating with over 300 employees in Asia—to add to their product line. Hayhoe himself attended many CM events, workshops and even parties, inspired by the passion of the consultants. So when he learned the company was for sale, it was natural for him to consider the purchase. He personally knew many consultants as well as the staff at the home office in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and was convinced that with the right adjustments, the company could once again be successful for consultants and consumers.

The new business is operating just around the corner from the old Creative Memories building in St. Cloud. A small, dedicated team of employees, whose average tenure with Creative Memories is 10 to 12 years, has stayed on to work with CM Group Holdings. DSN staff spoke with Hayhoe about his strategy and vision for the company.

DSN: What factors led to your decision to reopen as a direct selling company?  

Hayhoe: Among the thousands of decisions involved in a startup, having a direct sales element was never a question. With many tens of thousands of former Consultants who loved the products, mission and the difference the opportunity made in their own families, our leadership team was united in offering a compelling earnings plan. There was also much learning from the past, which included a deep understanding of our audience and their preferences. We wanted to support the former leaders who relied on Creative Memories and/or Ahni & Zoe for a substantial income, as well as those who joined to work occasionally and be part of a warm community.

With our unique hybrid model we put quite a few traditional direct sales sacred cows out to pasture. Like minimums, titles and leadership requirements, to name a few. All Advisors are welcome, valued and equal, with equal earnings opportunities, whether they joined during our November launch in 2014 or join five years from now. We’re just a few months in, and there’s already a group earning more than they had before, with many leaping up the levels of the plan. There’s also a whole group who’s happy to work at their own pace and share with friends and family. We’re thrilled to be able to help people share and earn as they choose.

DSN: Creative Memories underwent two bankruptcies before reopening as Ahni & Zoe, only to close again. What strategies are you putting in place to revive these struggling brands? 

Hayhoe: It’s important to separate the former companies’ financial difficulties from the brands. The Creative Memories® brand has enormous recognition and respect worldwide for its quality products and caring Consultants. Beyond North America, there is also considerable interest in large international markets like Australia and Germany, and the 14-year-old Japan business is thriving.

The Ahni & Zoe™ brand had less time to gain traction, but in its six months of life Consultants were able to reach an entirely new group of busy people who found Fast2Fab albums the ideal way to enjoy beautiful finished albums in no time.

We believe that what CM Group is offering now is the best of both brands, with a flexibility and modern e-commerce platform neither prior company offered. CM Advisors can sell the products they like (most sell both brands) and run their businesses as entrepreneurs. Our strategy is to offer exceptional products, service and a unique earnings plan that allows for some of the most generous profit-sharing in the industry, while maintaining a lean, relentlessly efficient operation.

The new CM annual Advisor Earnings Plan had to pass the “easy to explain, easy to share, easy to earn” test. Basically, Advisors achieve a higher profit rate on the products they sell, and higher commission rate on their downline group sales, based on the sales balance in their own account. Each consultant pays a $49 annual fee to stay in the program. It’s very basic and simple.

DSN: In response to the CM launch, what kind of feedback have you gotten from former Ahni & Zoe representatives? 

Hayhoe: The reaction from former Consultants has exceeded our wildest expectations. Ahni & Zoe Consultants were quick to join, and there’s also been a huge revival of Creative Memories Consultants who missed the products and mission and like the simplicity and flexibility of the new business. With the simple, welcoming plan and freedom to sell one or both lines, they’re able to serve new people who are after fast albums that look good as well as those who love scrapbooking. It’s been great fun hearing from former Consultants who have reactivated their networks and are gathering people for workshops and retreats with a whole new level of energy.

DSN: Will you utilize online sales apart from direct sales through Advisors? How will the two channels work together? 

Hayhoe: CM’s in the interesting position of having a 30-year legacy brand while also being a startup. We encourage Advisors to cultivate direct relationships with their customers and sell in person or via their personalized link. Our desire to protect that relationship is behind us encouraging Advisors to use one of the many excellent free/cheap, email/contact management systems available, as well as providing an Advisor locator, so long-lost customers can connect with their Advisor of choice. Customers also have the choice to shop and/or sign up directly with CM if they wish.

DSN: Forever Inc. announced last month that it had acquired the Creative Memories digital catalog. Does CM plan to focus solely on physical scrapbooking products? 

Hayhoe: Currently, yes. As part of the Creative Memories closure in 2014, the software was transferred back to its developers. The latest announcement was the last piece of that deal, which is not connected to CM. Though the digital market is highly commoditized, our team believes there is potential to differentiate and offer something that is uniquely CM. It’s part of our plan to explore in 2015.

DSN: Is CM looking to expand into additional categories in the near future? 

Hayhoe: Our near future will be focused on continuing to support our CM Advisors, offering exceptional service and quality and rounding out the product line. As a memory-keeping company, there’s potential for all sorts of interesting new directions in the future, though this will be done thoughtfully and carefully. Our focus is on simplicity, maintaining our reputation for exceptional quality, staying true to our Advisor community and mission, and running a lean, profitable, sustainable business.

Team 4Life Welcomes Olympic Gold Medalist

Australian professional snowboarder Torah Bright, who was a stand-out competitor and medalist in the 2014 Winter Olympics, has joined Team 4Life. Already a fan of the health and wellness company’s products, she will endorse 4Life’s Transfer Factor® line.

Bright was a Silver medalist in the Half-pipe competition of the most recent Winter Olympics in Sochi, winning Australia its first medal of that year’s Games. Adding to the Gold she had won in the same category in the previous Olympics in 2010, Bright became Australia’s most successful Winter Olympics athlete. She’s also won two Gold and two Silver medals for her performance in the Snowboard SuperPipe competition at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, and in 2013 took first place at the Sprint U.S. Grand Prix at Copper Mountain, Colorado.

Growing up in Cooma, New South Wales, Australia, Bright was first introduced to 4Life products in 2013 through her mother, Marion, who was already a long-time distributor for the company.

“Torah’s spirit, discipline, and character exemplify what we look for in Team 4Life members,” said Trent Tenney, Senior Vice President of Marketing. “I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with her at 4Life Global Headquarters and I can attest to the passion and determination she demonstrates in competition. We are thrilled to welcome her as the first new Team 4Life member in 2015.”

By joining Team 4Life, Bright, who just won Bronze in the Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe competition for the 2015 Winter X Games in Aspen last week, will become part of a group of world-renowned athletes who excel in their disciplines.

90 Days of Direct Selling – Day 57


New Image Group

2013 Net Sales: $95 million

Country: New Zealand

New Image offers an innovative and highly effective business model that takes colostrum and turns it into health-giving products that are sold throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


2012 Rank: N/A
2012 Net Sales: N/A
Sales Method: Person-to-person
Compensation Structure: Multi-level
Products: Nutrition, beauty, home care, environmental, weight loss
Markets: 11
Salespeople: 100,000
Employees: 140
Headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand
Executive: Graeme Clegg
Year Founded: 1984
Stock Symbol: NEW—NZX

It Works! Brings ‘That Crazy Wrap Thing’ to New Zealand

It Works! has officially opened for business in New Zealand, the 19th market to offer the company’s skincare and nutrition products.

Fast-growing It Works! is recruiting New Zealand “wrapreneurs”—named after the brand’s signature tightening and toning wrap—to join its 90,000 active distributors around the world. The company has already expanded into neighboring Australia, Canada and select areas of Europe.

“We’re eager to welcome New Zealanders to our team and help spread black, green and bling across the world,” It Works! CEO Mark Pentecost said in a nod to the company’s signature colors.

The 13-year-old brand has generated three-year growth of 1,565 percent, earning it the No. 290 ranking on this year’s Inc. 500 list. Earlier this year, It Works! relocated to a new $10-million global headquarters in Palmetto, Florida. The waterfront property contains space for the company to increase its 100-member corporate team by half.

90 Days of Direct Selling – Day 46


Market America Inc.

2013 Net Sales: $547 million

Country: USA

Market America is a product brokerage and Internet marketing company that specializes in one-to-one marketing. The company has generated over $4.3 billion in accumulated retail sales through its international operations in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, the United Kingdom and Mexico.


2012 Rank: 27
2012 Net Sales: $505 million
Sales Method: Person-to-person
Compensation Structure: Single-level
Products: Cosmetics, personal care, food and beverage, home care, leisure and educational, services, wellness
Markets: 7
Salespeople: 180,000
Employees: 725
Headquarters: Greensboro, North Carolina
Executive: JR Ridinger
Year Founded: 1992

Zurvita: Successful Simplicity

by Courtney Roush

Company Profile

Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Houston, Texas
Executives: Mark and Tracy Jarvis
Products: Health and wellness

Mark and Tracy Jarvis

Mark and Tracy Jarvis

After a rocky start, Zurvita chose the road less traveled—and built a salesforce determined to make the world a healthier place.

Though Houston-based direct seller Zurvita originally launched in 2008 as a service business with everything from cell and video phones to tech support, electricity and gas, the company arrived on the wellness scene in 2011. It was then that Zurvita introduced a suite of powerhouse products that, above all, were designed to simplify the pursuit of wellness. The company’s growth since then has been nothing short of spectacular. Annual revenue grew from $3.6 million in 2011 to $15 million in 2012 and $63 million in 2013. Revenue for 2014 is expected to fall between $80 million and $90 million. The company of 55 employees, with manufacturing operations in Dallas and Phoenix, has spent the last year greatly enhancing its information technology infrastructure to be able to support that incredible growth, and better serve the 30,000-plus independent consultants who represent the Zurvita brand.

Currently, the Zurvita independent salesforce is concentrated in the United States and Canada, primarily in small towns. According to Zurvita leadership, that surprising phenomenon is likely due to the fact that word-of-mouth travels faster in places like McAllister, Oklahoma, one of the most successful Zurvita towns, where you’ll hear the stories of farmers-turned-ambassadors (currently the highest level of the independent salesforce). And while Zurvita is working to spread the word of those powerful testimonials into larger North American cities, the company also just celebrated its expansion into five new international markets on July 1, 2014. For a direct seller that’s still a relatively new kid on the block, these milestones are impressive, indeed.

“When you give people something that changes their lives in a tangible way, they’re going to stick with you.”
—Mark Jarvis, Co-Founder, Co-CEO and President

During the early years, however, the company’s own journey to wellness was challenged with more than a few hurdles and a major detour, all of which make its present success perhaps that much more remarkable. This company is unrecognizable from where it was just six years ago.

When Zurvita launched in 2008, the company’s co-founders, Mark and Tracy Jarvis, were already power players in direct selling, having achieved seven-figure success as distributors with another direct seller. They’d taken an enormous leap of faith to walk away and attempt to build a company from the ground up, but they considered it a calling to start a direct selling business based on philosophical principles they shared: faith, humble leadership and plenty of opportunities for “wins” at every level.

But the maiden voyage wasn’t smooth sailing. Serving as an online shopping mall of sorts, “we were an unfocused, struggling company,” says Mark Jarvis, who also serves as Co-CEO and President. After losing an average of $300,000 a month during its first 42 months, it was time for the fledgling direct seller to make a radical change; the “all things to all people” approach simply wasn’t working. “By 2011, we were looking for an identity,” Mark says. “We made the decision to regroup and start over again with a single focus.”

Why wellness? Mark’s wife, Tracy, had always had a passion for the subject, but the choice was based more on the profound and tangible impact the couple knew that good health could have on people’s lives—and the power that such transformations have to influence others. “When you give people something that changes their lives in a tangible way, they’re going to stick with you,” Mark says.

Make no mistake: The transition from 11 products to one was anything but easy. “It was a courageous move on our part,” says Co-CEO Jay Shafer. Inspired by the book Good to Great by Jim Collins—who stated that behind every successful company was the pivotal decision to take a bold risk—the company reinvented itself. Quite telling was the fact that “our consultants in the field respected our decision to streamline and stayed with us,” Jay says.

One of the most interesting aspects of this company’s story is that its fastest-growing demographic comes from small-town America.

With that in mind, after extensive collaboration with scientists, physicians and researchers, the company launched Zeal Wellness, its flagship product, in 2011. Designed as an all-in-one formula of whole-food concentrates in a powder to be mixed with water or juice, Zeal is intended to deliver the body’s daily nutritional needs, promoting optimal health, a strong immune system and enhanced energy stores. Calling those days back in 2011 “a combination of faith and chaos,” though it wasn’t developed as a weight-loss product per se, Zeal Wellness was providing just that result for some, along with increased energy and, quite simply, a zest for life. Corporate leadership believed not just in the integrity of the product but also in the bang for the buck. “Above all, we wanted value for the customer,” Jay adds. “I don’t believe you can find a product that delivers what we do for less than twice the price.”

Zurvita’s leadership team, co-founders Tracy and Mark Jarvis and co-CEO Jay Shafer, shifted the company’s focus from services to wellness products because of the tangible impact good health could have on people’s lives.

Zurvita later added three additional products: Zeal Advanced Formula Protein Shakes; the herbal and probiotic Zeal Cleanse for digestion; and a thermogenic fat burner, Zeal Burn. Consumers may purchase all four products bundled as the Zeal Weight Management Program. Those who want an extra shot of motivation during the program have the option to participate in the Zeal for Life Challenge. This support group of sorts includes regular conference calls on a variety of topics that, collectively, promote a holistic approach to wellness—one that extends far beyond mere numbers on the scale.

Product convenience is of paramount importance to the company. Every Zurvita product was designed to offer no-hassle, easy-to-take-and-share nutrition. Having witnessed the company’s exponential growth after streamlining its product line from 11 to just one, the Jarvises and Jay Shafer were committed to promoting a simple message everyone could understand: simple, convenient, economical.

One of the most interesting aspects of this company’s story is that its fastest-growing demographic comes from small-town America. “Zeal Wellness has had almost an immediate impact in these smaller towns,” Jay says. “I would love to say that was our strategy, but it wasn’t—it just happened.”

Annual revenue grew from $3.6 million in 2011 to $15 million in 2012 and $63 million in 2013. Revenue for 2014 is expected to fall between $80 million and $90 million.

Even while Zurvita embraces its small-town growth, however, company leadership is thinking beyond borders. Effective July 1, Zurvita entered the Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore. Corporate team members have partnered with Zurvita ambassadors (independent distributors who have achieved the highest level of success in the salesforce) to gain traction in each of these markets.

A new representative can start her Zurvita business as a sales consultant for a minimal amount, then move up to the managing consultant level after adding her first three new team members. From there, a managing consultant can progress to the senior, regional and executive consultant levels, then national and presidential director levels, followed by ambassador. The pinnacle of success is the level of crown ambassador, which takes five ambassador organizations to reach. Although nobody’s reached it yet, Mark estimates it to be just a matter of time.

Zurvita has embraced a grassroots approach to its growth strategy, entering each market slowly, deliberately, and with one product—Zeal Wellness. Then the company introduces additional products after it has established a loyal following in that market. “There’s no fanfare at the beginning,” Mark says. “We just get people on the product. It’s a conservative approach.”

Based on the philosophy “The higher you climb, the more you serve,” the company maintains an eye on succession within the independent salesforce, teaching Zurvita ambassadors to raise up their replacements.

‘Now’ Money

The company’s training and educational initiatives are based on helping new consultants to hit the ground running, before the dust can settle, so to speak.

The Zurvita Success System is designed to teach consultants how to achieve a quick win—earning a bonus during their first 30 days in business. During their second month in business, they’re shown how to repeat those earnings—and establish a success story as early as possible that they can share confidently and enthusiastically with others. Monthly promotions and contests are designed to encourage the maintenance of that early momentum. One such promotion is “Destination Success,” in which all consultants who move up in rank qualify for a cruise.

Zurvita’s high performers also may qualify to earn the use of cars; the company’s options include Mercedes, Cadillac and BMW, giving prospective and new team members a glimpse of the potential of this business opportunity.

Zurvita ranked No. 100 on the 2014 DSN Global 100 list.

Technology Boost

To better serve its consultants and support the company’s growth, Zurvita began developing a new IT infrastructure last year. Now equipped with more data and flexibility, plans are underway for the company to introduce additional technological tools that will help develop consultants’ business acumen and product knowledge and, ultimately, drive additional recruitment. In the meantime, consultants take advantage of company-provided, personalized websites, where their customers can shop around the clock. Some 50,000 people have liked the company’s Facebook page, where the news feed contains pointers for health and wellness and consultants relay their personal success stories.

Zurvita utilizes SMS technology to send a quick and easy offer that consultants can share with potential team members. After texting “Do you have a minute?” to their prospects, consultants text an informational video link to those who agree. The video includes the opportunity for prospects to try a Zurvita product sample pack. The intent is to blend the convenience of technology and the personal, grassroots approach for which Zurvita has become known. No matter how many technological offerings it rolls out, the company remains mindful of the fact that in many of its most successful markets, parties, personal testimonials and individualized service will never go out of style.

Celebrating Wins at Every Level

The spotlight is big enough for everyone at Zurvita events. “You don’t see the same people on stage at all of our events. We showcase the next man up, so to speak,” Mark says. When you consider that Zurvita’s typical consultant has had no prior experience in direct selling before starting a Zurvita business, each win is justifiably reason to celebrate. The company strives to help new consultants realize their first win right out of the starting gate—and that tangible success can empower them toward a succession of more wins.

“Our job is really to build relationships with up-and-comers,” says Tracy. “We pull them in and make them feel totally connected to the company. We just love on these people and make them feel appreciated. It keeps people engaged and moving forward.” In fact, corporate leadership is so committed to empowering “the next man up,” they join Zurvita sales support staff to work the phones until midnight during every month-end close, reaching out to representatives who are on the cusp of promotion and offering that extra shot of encouragement.

Based on the philosophy “The higher you climb, the more you serve,” the company maintains an eye on succession within the independent salesforce, teaching Zurvita ambassadors to raise up their replacements. “We’re replacing our army, so to speak,” Jay says.

Zurvita employees and consultants volunteer to build water wells in Nicaragua.


Giving to Others

Zurvita’s corporate social responsibility initiatives are relatively recent, having spent its first few years as a struggling company in search of an identity. Now beginning to reap the rewards of its hard-fought success, Zurvita is in a place to share with others. In January 2014, employees and independent salesforce members ventured on a mission trip to Nicaragua to build two water wells—an experience they’ll repeat in Nicaragua in January 2015 under the name of “Zeal for Life.” On Aug. 23, 2014, Zurvita kicked off its “Feed 500” program, which challenges employees and independent salesforce members to feed at least 500 hungry people in 24 hours. During the inaugural event in Houston, volunteers packed lunches and delivered them everywhere they identified need, whether it was a homeless man on the street or an inner-city homeless shelter. It’s an experience Zurvita plans to replicate each month in various locations throughout the United States.

Three years after relaunching on a platform of wellness, the company is reaping the rewards of its deliberate, strategic approach to market expansion and brand marketing. Whether the results are seen in Zurvita’s revenue—potentially reaching $90 million for 2014—growth of its 30,000-plus independent consultants through a small-town network, or expansion already into five new international markets, the company plans to stay around for the long term, bringing wealth and wellness to an eager audience.