90 Days of Direct Selling – Day 73


Scentsy Inc.

2013 Net Sales: $485 million

Country: USA

Scentsy Inc. is an international party-plan company dedicated to creating a social shopping experience that gives Consultants and customers variety, value and a level of personalization they can’t find anywhere else. Scentsy Inc. owns the Scentsy Family of brands, including Scentsy Fragrance, a complete line of home and personal care fragrance products; Velata, a line of simple and stylish kitchen products; and Grace Adele, a style system of women’s accessories featuring handbags and coordinating jewelry.


2012 Rank: 23
2012 Net Sales: $560 million
Sales Method: Party plan and group sales
Compensation Structure: Multi-level
Products: Accessories, food and beverage, home décor, kitchenware and appliances
Markets: 8
Salespeople: 120,971
Employees: 968
Headquarters: Meridian, Idaho
Executives: Orville and Heidi Thompson
Year Founded: 2004
Website: www.scentsy.com


90 Days of Direct Selling – Day 54



2013 Net Sales: $94 million

Country: Japan

Founded by Hisami Kamijo, Nefful’s early years included intensive, in-house research and development that led to a product line of premium quality undergarments with unique body-shaping features. In 1979, the company introduced its Nefflon product line—garments, bedding and accessories that employ negative ion technology to enhance good health, increase vitality and improve focus.


2012 Rank: 94
2012 Net Sales: $79 million
Sales Method: Person-to-person
Compensation Structure: Multi-level
Products: Clothing and accessories, cosmetics, personal care
Markets: 6
Salespeople: 500,000
Employees: 133
Headquarters: Shizuoka, Japan
Executive: Toshiya Kamijo
Year Founded: 1973
Website: http://www.neffulusa.com

Initials Inc. Founders Named Outstanding Georgia Citizens

Britney Vickery and Ivy Hall, Co-Founders of Initials Inc., were honored with the Outstanding Georgia Citizen Awards during their recent Leader Day at the State Capitol.

Secretary of State Brian Kemp presented the awards with District 10 State Representative Terry Rogers and District 28 State Representative Dan Gasaway in attendance. Sisters Vickery and Hall co-founded Initials Inc. in 2005, having recently celebrated eight years in business.

Leader Day at the Capitol was part of the company’s Annual Leadership Retreat held in Atlanta, with over 65 independent creative leaders and directors from all over the country participating.

With a core philosophy of “There’s only one you!” Initials Inc. is a direct seller of personalized handbags and accessories offered through home parties.