Thibaudeau Takes on Top Job at Jamberry

by Emily Reagan

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A new CEO is taking the helm at Jamberry, which has built a salesforce of more than 100,000 Independent Consultants since its nail products began appearing in social media feeds a few years ago.

In October, the family-owned enterprise named Elizabeth Thibaudeau as its new chief executive. Thibaudeau has considerable experience in direct sales, having spent the past 20 years with one of the channel’s leading skincare and nutrition companies. Most recently, she held the title of Vice President, Global Marketing, overseeing all brand and marketing functions. There she also helped to develop a strategic product platform and umbrella category brand that has generated billions in revenue over the past decade.

At Jamberry, Thibaudeau succeeds Adam Hepworth, who has led the company from its inception and will remain a board member and major shareholder. His wife, Christy, co-founded Jamberry in 2010 with her two sisters, Lyndsey Ekstrom and Keri Evans. The brand is known for its do-it-yourself nail wraps, which are applied using a heat and pressure technique. In addition to a wide range of original designs, Jamberry has worked with the likes of Disney and the NFL to introduce special themed collections.

The Utah company has experienced rapid growth, propelled by early adoption of social media and online parties, which allow Consultants to reach an exponentially larger audience than traditional home parties. As it looks to the future, Jamberry will draw upon Thibaudeau’s “expertise, leadership, and experience building direct sales,” Hepworth said in the company’s announcement. DSN recently spoke to Thibaudeau about her new role and what’s in store for this up-and-coming direct seller.

DSN: As someone with considerable experience in the direct sales channel, what made you want to join this particular company?

ET: I was initially intrigued by the extremely innovative nail wrap product; I’d never seen anything like it and genuinely believe it appeals to a broad and diverse audience. During the interview process I was gifted a basket of products and accessories. I took these home and it felt like Christmas morning as my daughters and I circled around the Jamberry goodies and began doing our nails. My 15-year-old daughter was an instant application pro, and she was able to coach me while I applied the nail wrap for the first time. It was at that moment I could see why and how our decorative nail wraps are perfect for the party model.

I was also enamored with the passion of the field leaders. I immediately felt a strong affinity towards our consultants. Perhaps it’s an innate connection, because it’s women connecting with women and we relate to each other in a powerful way. We are all CEOs making positive impacts in our respective worlds, and then collectively in the Jamberry world, globally. I know we will do amazing things together.

DSN: Thus far, what is your favorite aspect of the job?

ET: I’m actually more of an introvert, but as I stepped into this new role I soon realized how important developing meaningful connections with the entire team will be to accomplishing our goals. I love interacting with the employees and the consultants. I derive so much energy from their enthusiasm and passion it literally fuels me. It’s humbling to think that I’m responsible for creating the culture of the company. I’m a sponge right now, trying to study best practices from industry icons.

DSN: What objectives are top of mind as you take on the role of CEO?

ET: Consultant success is my priority No. 1. Over the past month, I have had the opportunity to travel to different events in both the United States and Australia, to meet with our consultants. Each person I met with, regardless of the country, shared a common passion and enthusiasm for helping women make life beautiful. This reaffirmed my reason for coming to Jamberry. Our internal strategic filter is “does this contribute to the success of our consultants?” If the answer to that is “no,” then we need to rethink and refocus our work. Key objectives are to strengthen our foothold in existing markets; dominate the nail, hand and foot care categories; exponentially scale the reach of our consultants; and modernize the home party.

Elizabeth ThibaudeauElizabeth Thibaudeau

DSN: As you think about the next couple of years, what does it mean to “modernize the home party”? 

ET: I can’t give away all of our secrets…

DSN: In recent years Jamberry has experienced rapid growth, and the pains that come with it. What steps are you taking to prepare for the next stage of growth?

ET: We are solidifying technical systems architecture and global operations capabilities to support our ability to double and even triple our business over the next few years.

DSN: In light of that growth, is Jamberry looking to upsize manufacturing facilities or corporate offices?

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90 Days of Direct Selling – Day 61


North American Power

2013 Net Sales: $256 million

Country: USA

North American Power is one of the nation’s fastest growing retail energy suppliers. The company is committed to philanthropy, sustainability and economic independence.


2012 Rank: 68
2012 Net Sales: $165 million
Sales Method: Person-to-person
Compensation Structure: Multi-level
Products: Energy
Markets: 1
Salespeople: 28,703
Employees: 100
Headquarters: Norwalk, Connecticut
Executive: Kerry Breitbart
Year Founded: 2009

How USANA Became One of America’s Best Workplaces

For the sixth consecutive year, USANA Health Sciences has appeared on Outside magazine’s list of America’s “Best Places to Work.” The Salt Lake City-based company has also been named one of “Utah’s Best Companies to Work For” six times by Utah Business magazine. That kind of employee satisfaction doesn’t happen by accident. To get an inside look at the USANA culture, DSN reached out to Mike King, USANA’s Executive Director of Human Resources for North America and Europe.

DSN: How do you carry USANA’s mission of building healthy lifestyles over to the corporate office?

MK: USANA is known around the world for its mission of providing people with the opportunity to achieve “true health and true wealth.” That mission begins with our employees, who receive active encouragement to improve their health and numerous opportunities to advance their current and future financial situation. USANA employees can also count on a fun, open and community-focused workplace, managed by people who are committed to acting on employees’ ideas and concerns.

DSN: Is there a philosophy that guides USANA’s approach to dealing with employees?

MK: When USANA rebranded itself in 2012, its motto—Everything We Do Helps You Love Life and Live it™—became the focus of everything it does, including keeping its corporate employees happy.

We know that happy employees are more likely to work harder and enjoy what they do, which is why we encourage our employees to live their lives to the fullest and do what they love. USANA continues to strive to create a positive and engaging work environment by providing employees the tools they need to lead healthy, productive lives. That includes benefits such as a fully equipped gym, wellness consulting, monthly massages and an employee café stocked with affordable, fresh food.

DSN: How would you describe your corporate culture?

MK: USANA employees make up a true community with an open and caring culture, backed by a supportive management team and numerous opportunities to make a difference in the world.

We also strongly believe in celebrating our employees for their achievements and recognizing them for their hard work and dedication to USANA through special lunches, corporate summer parties at the local amusement park, and our annual Employee Awards gala.

The full interview with King will run in DSN’s 90 Days of Direct Selling print coverage.

‘All In’ for the Third Time: ViSalus Co-Founder Blake Mallen Talks

by DSN Staff

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On Sept. 2, Greenwich, Connecticut-based Blyth Inc. announced that the company had reached an agreement to sell the majority of its ViSalus subsidiary to the founders and certain other preferred stockholders of ViSalus. They completed the transaction, which involved exchanging shares of redeemable convertible preferred stock of ViSalus for shares of ViSalus common stock, on Sept. 4. Blyth now owns approximately 10 percent of ViSalus. DSN sat down with Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of ViSalus Blake A. Mallen to discuss the deal. Here’s what he had to say.

DSN: Start at the beginning for us. This is quite a transaction. How did it all come about?

BAM: Yes, it’s obviously a big move. We think the ViSalus story is made up of three big “All In” moments. In the beginning, it was definitely kind of an “All In” spirit that gave rise to the company back in 2005. Nick (Sarnicola), Ryan (Blair) and I took all the money we had back then and acquired the assets of a failing company and birthed the idea of ViSalus and our mission. We had very humble beginnings—about 18 months or so without a single paycheck.

We had developed a great relationship with the Goergen family and Blyth when Nick, Ryan and I were still young executives in our mid-20s. By 2008, we felt that joining Blyth was the best move for ViSalus in order to provide a lot of the infrastructure and the operational expertise to help us accomplish what we wanted for the long term. So we created a partnership and a great relationship.

Shortly after we announced the deal with Blyth in 2008, the economy collapsed and Nick, Ryan and myself again took our last money that we had at the time to self-fund the company, and reinvent in 2009—our second “All In” moment. The irony is that this moment gave birth to the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, which is the brand that made us who we are today with the meteoric rise over the last few years.

Now we’re in a rebuilding and expansion mode, and we wanted to go all in again, so we approached Blyth a couple of months ago with the idea to buy back all the remaining shares that Blyth owned, minus 10 percent. They saw our passion, and they know we’re founders and ViSalus is our baby, and running it is something we want to do for life.

This last transaction is our third “All In” moment. Most of the transaction included money owed to us in the original agreement with Blyth. Basically, we walked away from it and rolled it back into the company. We took back, between us and our field, 90 percent of ViSalus. We’re all excited to have full ownership back and a new beginning and a new birth.

DSN: So when you look at that new beginning and new birth, how does this ownership change better position ViSalus?

BAM: Focus is probably the best word to use, and regaining the ability to put our resources 100 percent into … CLICK HERE FOR THE REST OF THE INTERVIEW

Industry Voices

by DSN Staff

John Parker, Chief Sales Officer for Amway

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Direct Selling News Publisher John Fleming recently spoke with John Parker, Chief Sales Officer for Amway, about leadership, always learning and finding fun in everything you do.

DSN: What is the one thing you enjoy most about being the Chief Sales Officer for Amway?

JP: The engagement with our field—Amway Business Owners. At the end of the day, it’s their success that adds up to create Amway’s results. Their passion for helping other people helps make Amway what it is.

DSN: What has been your proudest accomplishment?

JP: Having been a part of teams that have seen our business through some challenging times. It’s easy to lead in good times when all is going well, but I think you add more to the team and organization when times are tough and you’re able to work together. It’s most satisfying. Sometimes the best work is done during times when results don’t show right away, but they follow.

DSN: What’s been the most fun?

JP: I enjoy learning. For me a lot of my learning came while transitioning from a smaller to a larger role. I’ve also enjoyed learning from generations younger than I am. They’re not just different in how they think, but they’re fundamentally different in their personal relationships. I can’t be effective in my role if I don’t understand that. The process of learning and trying new things is really fun and exciting. Also, the adventure of travel has been fun—having a chance to go around the world, experience different cultures, people, customs and food. You either love that or struggle with it. I love it.

DSN: What do you tell Amway Business Owners to lead and inspire them?

JP: The primary message is that our business—our whole industry—is centered around…      Click here to read the rest of the story.

Executive Connection with Lynae Parrott and Gail Gioffredi, Managing Directors, Gold Canyon

Lynae Parrott and Gail GioffrediIn this month’s Executive Connection, Direct Selling News Publisher and Editor in Chief John Fleming speaks with Lynae Parrott and Gail Gioffredi, Managing Directors of Gold Canyon, about leadership, dreaming big and empowering others.



DSN: What is the one thing you enjoy most about being the Managing Directors of Gold Canyon?

Parrott: I most enjoy the opportunity to drive change within the organization in an effort to create positive results for our Consultants and co-workers.

Gioffredi: I most enjoy making an impact and a difference in people’s lives… really empowering others to create their own destiny.

DSN: What has been your proudest accomplishment?

Parrott: Above all, I am most proud of my family. My husband and I have been married for a blissful 21 years, and we’ve raised three children who have grown into upstanding young citizens.

Gioffredi: I am most proud of the recent enhancements of our Career Plan. Within the first month, we helped 79 of our Consultants become new Leaders, earn more money and live happier and more fulfilling lives.

DSN: What do you tell Gold Canyon Fragrance Consultants to lead and inspire them?

Parrott: You’ve heard the adage, “Actions speak louder than words.” I don’t think it is what I say that has the biggest impact on our Consultants as much as what I consistently exemplify. I believe…

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Executive Connection with Gregory L. Probert, Chairman and CEO, Nature’s Sunshine Products

Gregory L. ProbertGregory L. Probert

In this month’s Executive Connection, Direct Selling News Publisher and Editor in Chief John Fleming speaks with Gregory L. Probert, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Nature’s Sunshine Products, about leadership, empowerment and transforming lives.


DSN: What is the one thing you enjoy most about being the Chairman and CEO of Nature’s Sunshine Products?

GP: Working with our fantastic distributors and hearing their inspiring stories of helping people transform their lives. The ability to personally connect with our distributors and customers is what inspires me.

DSN: While you’ve only been in your current position for a short time, you’ve been involved with the company for about three years. In that time, what has been your proudest accomplishment?

GP: I am very proud of the management team we have built. We have attracted many talented executives with long track records of achievement who have successfully teamed up with our veterans in the company. As with all great teams, it is more about working effectively as a team than about the skills of any one member. We have a very passionate, cohesive team that shares a vision for helping people improve their lives.

DSN: What has been most challenging?

GP: Finding ways to grow the company without changing what we stand for and staying true to our heritage of quality, service and integrity. We have a saying: It is OK to change what you do, but never change who you are.

DSN: What do you tell Nature’s Sunshine members to lead and inspire them?

GP: Never lose sight of why you joined Nature’s Sunshine—to help people live healthier, happier lives.

DSN: What is your vision for Nature’s Sunshine?

GP: To become the premier natural health, wellness and lifestyle company in the world.

DSN: Is there one basic principle that governs your leadership at Nature’s Sunshine?

GP: Empowerment. Surround yourself with great people, have a clear and shared vision of where you are going, and give people what they need to succeed and then let them shine.

DSN: Has someone ever given you a bit of really great advice you can share with us?

GP: My dad often told me, “Never ask someone to do a job you wouldn’t be willing to do yourself.” In other words, lead by example.

DSN: If you hadn’t become an entrepreneur, what career path would you have taken?

GP: Growing up in California, I was always surfing, swimming and scuba diving and would probably have become a marine biologist. My hero growing up was Jacques Cousteau.

DSN: Nature’s Sunshine has been in business for more than 40 years. What advice would you give an executive at a young direct selling company to help them achieve long-term success?

GP: Have a strong vision of what you want to be and never take shortcuts. Build a strong team; execute with excellence; and always remember that distributors are your greatest treasure and treat them that way.

DSN: What’s something that few people know about you?

GP: I love cooking and am a fairly decent chef. Perhaps my next career will be as a chef and restaurateur!

Executive Connection with Tim Brown, Founder and CEO, Jamie Oliver At Home

In this month’s Executive Connection, Direct Selling News Publisher and Editor in Chief John Fleming speaks with Tim Brown, Founder and CEO of Jamie Oliver At Home, about leadership, falling in love with the industry, and sharing the mission of health and well-being.

DSN: What is the one thing you enjoy most about being the CEO of Jamie Oliver At Home?

TB: Working with our wonderful team, building the mission and sharing it with as many people as possible.

DSN: Launching a new company is obviously a lot of work, but what has been the most fun about it?

Tim Brown

Tim Brown

TB: To be able to work with all the things that we’re passionate about: being in the kitchen, good food, Jamie Oliver, and his message to help others. So many things have been fun, and they connect all our passions. It’s been wonderful to work with such an amazing young man and to launch his first commercial business in the United States.

DSN: What is your long-term vision for the company?

TB: To be able to support our amazing Better Food for a Better Life community and to spread our mission of health and financial well-being.

DSN: If you hadn’t become an entrepreneur, what career path would you have taken?

TB: I love to be in the kitchen, to garden and to exercise. I would probably have chosen a path in health and fitness.

DSN: How did you get into this industry?

TB: I cut my teeth in this industry as an independent distributor for Reliv International. At the time, I was working with Christian Dior Perfume when friends introduced us to their products. I worked that business for three years and fell in love with the industry. Then I was recruited to work at Princess House, where I learned so much about our great direct selling business model.

DSN: After all these years, what still gets you excited about direct selling?

TB: People. We’ve heard the expressions B-to-B, or B-to-C. I like to refer to direct selling as P-to-P— people to people. How exciting it is that we get to build the platform for independent entrepreneurs to have their own businesses.

DSN: What other direct selling company or leader do you admire most, and why?

TB: I have always admired my mentor, Charlie Collis, the founder of Princess House, and Doris Christopher of The Pampered Chef for their amazing vision and the communities they each created.

DSN: What’s on your bucket list?

TB: I feel so fortunate and blessed that every day I get up and do the things I love. There are lots of things I want to do, and I do them as I can. I’m living my bucket list.

DSN: You and your wife, Amelia, are a team, not only in life but also in business. What does her involvement in Jamie Oliver At Home mean to you?

TB: It’s beyond words. It’s so cool. We’ve been able to raise our family together, and we have two beautiful children. She is such an amazing partner and person. We talk about business all the time now, and it’s fun. We’re creating so many unique things, and we’re helping a lot of people. That’s our goal.

DSN: What’s something few people know about you?

TB: I’m a bit of an open book. I love to ride bikes, play in our garden and pray. Maybe people don’t know that I have two brothers and four sisters. Or that I’m an amateur photographer. I love taking pictures, and I’m told I have an eye for a great photo.

Executive Connection with John Addison, Chairman of Primerica Distribution, Co-CEO and Director

In this month’s Executive Connection, Direct Selling News Publisher and Editor in Chief John Fleming speaks with John Addison, Chairman of Primerica Distribution, Co-CEO and Director, about leadership, dominating the financial services industry and living every day to the fullest.


DSN: You’ve been with Primerica for more than 30 years. What’s your personal goal for Primerica?

JA: To position this great company for the next 30 years. To make sure our cause and our business continue to dominate the financial services industry in the future.

DSN: If you could relive a period of time at Primerica, when would it be?

JA: Our battle for the IPO to get out of Citigroup. It was the most challenging time of my career, but because I knew the stakes it was when I felt the most “alive.”

DSN: What other direct selling company or leader do you admire most, and why?

John Addison

John Addison

JA: I read Mary Kay Ash’s book and always admired her tenacity and what she overcame to build a great company.

DSN: Aside from Art Williams, who has had the most influence on your career, and how?

JA: My mother. She taught me how to deal with people from all walks of life. My mom could always make people feel great and inspire them. She was truly a special person, and I miss her every day of my life.

DSN: What’s on your bucket list?

JA: To get up every day and have fun. To live every day like it’s my last… because one day I will be correct.

DSN: In your presentation at VideoPlus University earlier this year, you advised attendees to “be a steward of your own life.” How do you do that in your life?

JA: I say always look for the positive. Life is very short. We all spend too much time worried about things that really don’t matter. Always remember life is a journey and an adventure. Enjoy the trip.

Executive Connection with Richard Wright, President and CEO, AdvoCare

In this month’s Executive Connection, Direct Selling News Publisher and Editor in Chief John Fleming speaks with Richard Wright, President and CEO of AdvoCare, about leadership, building brand awareness and helping others live a better life.

Richard Wright

Richard Wright

DSN: What is the one thing you enjoy most about being the President and CEO of AdvoCare?

RW: What I enjoy most about my position is helping others reach their goals. Whether that’s through finances, weight loss, or more time with family, it’s truly a rewarding experience. Helping people take control of their lives is something that is very important to me, and I wake up every day inspired by the thousands of AdvoCare Independent Distributors who are living life on their terms.

DSN: What is your long-term vision for AdvoCare?

RW: My long-term vision for AdvoCare is becoming a billion-dollar company. That’s our goal, and we’re committed to doing it the right way with integrity. We are continuing to build brand awareness, which, in turn, builds our Distributor base. Earlier this year we hit a milestone by reaching 300,000 AdvoCare Independent Distributors.

DSN: What’s been the most fun?

RW: Sherry and I enjoy spending time with our Distributors and building relationships with them. We’ve made great friends through AdvoCare. Whether we’re traveling together on AdvoCare incentive trips around the world or together at Success School—our biannual training event—it’s always fun to experience new places and spend time together.

DSN: You and your wife Sherry are a team, not only in life but also in business. What does her involvement mean to you?

RW: Sherry and I are a team in every sense of the word. She’s a very talented person, and we wouldn’t be where we are without her. Sharing our passion of helping others live a better life truly helps drive this business. She is an inspiration to not only me but also thousands of others.

DSN: What do you like to do when you just want to relax?

RW: Sherry and I enjoy spending time on the Gulf Coast in Florida with our family.