Morinda to Introduce Tahitian Noni Essential Oils This Month

Morinda is expanding its wellness offerings with a new collection of essential oil products, set to launch later this month.

Essential oils, which are valued for their health benefits, particularly in the practice of aromatherapy, are a multibillion-dollar business in the direct selling channel. Top companies such as Young Living and doTERRA focus primarily on essential oil products, while a number of other companies have supplemented existing product lines with essential oil offerings.

To put its own spin on the popular oils, Utah-based Morinda looked to one of its signature ingredients, the tropical noni fruit. Tahitian Noni Juice is Morinda’s flagship product, and the company also has patented the process of extracting oil from noni seeds, a product it brought to market 19 years ago. Now, Morinda plans to introduce six targeted Tahitian Noni Essential Oil blends, labeled Relax, Breathe, Relief, Energize, Fortify and Recover.

“Noni seed oil is historically known to provide soothing and therapeutic benefits while naturally enhancing other treatments,” said Cecilia Salvesen, Morinda’s expert third-party therapeutic healthcare advisor. “The Tahitian Noni Essential Oils are the only oils that have been formulated to incorporate the powerful and valuable properties of the noni seed.”

The company will launch the new collection as its second-ever Limited-Time Offer or “LTO” product, meaning the blends will be available for a short time to Morinda Independent Product Consultants (IPCs) who qualify to participate in the LTO. Following the promotion, those IPCs will be the exclusive distributors of Tahition Noni Essential Oils for six months, and then the products will be available through all Morinda sales channels.


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