Primerica Hosts Annual Gathering of Top African American Representatives

Primerica Inc. on Friday kicked off the 16th annual meeting of its African American Leadership Council (AALC), held March 18–20 in Orlando.

Though salesforce events are a regular occurrence in the direct selling space, the three-day gathering was unique for bringing together top African American representatives within the company. The financial services firm said it expected 5,000 to attend the weekend’s conference, up from 3,000 last year.

“Since its founding in 2000, our AALC has grown into a significant force within Primerica,” John Lennon, Primerica Senior National Sales Director and AALC Co-Chairman, said in a statement. “This year’s conference theme—Bigger! Stronger! Faster!—and our exciting agenda underscore our mission of empowering African Americans in Primerica to establish a legacy of financial independence through entrepreneurship.”

Attendees gathered at the Orlando World Center Marriott heard from top Primerica sales representatives, as well as company CEO Glenn Williams and President Peter Schneider. The event also featured workshops focused on equipping representatives with business skills to better serve African American families in their communities.


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