Amway Makes Three Additions to Nutrilite Scientific Advisory Board

Photo: Amway’s Nutrilite Scientific Advisory Board.

Amway has added three new members to its Nutrilite Scientific Advisory Board, the brain trust behind Amway’s top-selling Nutrilite brand. The latest additions to the board bring expertise in the areas of healthy aging, weight management and traditional Indian medicine.

In the field of healthy aging, Amway has tapped Bradley J. Willcox M.D., M.Sc., Professor and Director of Research at the Department of Geriatric Medicine in the Johns A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii. Willcox is widely published on the genetic, environmental and clinical aspects of healthy aging. He also authored The Okinawa Program, a New York Times best-selling book based on Willcox’s investigations in the Kuakini Hawaii lifespan and healthspan studies and the Okinawa Centenarian Study.

Also joining the board is Eric Ravussin, Ph.D., Director of the Nutrition Obesity Research Center and Associate Executive Director for Clinical Sciences at Louisiana State University. Ravussin studies obesity at the molecular level, as well as its ties to other chronic conditions. He has published his research in more than 450 peer-reviewed papers in numerous scientific journals.

The final addition to the Nutrilite Scientific Advisory Board is Padma Venkatasubramanian, Ph.D., Professor and Advisor at the School of Life Sciences at the Institute of Transdisciplinary Health Sciences & Technology in Bangalore, India. There she helped to establish a Research and Devolpment Center, which takes a transdisciplinary approach to applying the knowledge of Ayurveda or traditional Indian medicine. Venkatasubramanian is an expert in microbiology and chemistry as well as contemporary applications of Ayurveda. Using transdisciplinary tools, she has developed 25 nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products such as herbal drinks and soups and Ayurvedic cookies.

“The new members significantly strengthen and broaden our Board. Their diverse perspectives will be invaluable as we develop plans for research to support new product ideas,” Keith Randolph, Ph.D., Chair of the Board and Technology Strategist for the Nutrilite Health Institute, said in a statement.

Willcox, Ravussin and Venkatasubramanian join nine other board members in the fields of nutrition, health and genetics. The board’s expertise guides the research and development of Nutrilite, the world’s No. 1 selling brand of vitamins and dietary supplements, according to research by Euromonitor International.


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