Foundation 4Life Launches Malaysia Relief Efforts amid Severe Flooding

Foundation 4Life is bringing relief to Malaysia amid flooding on the country’s east coast, as well as in parts of neighboring Thailand and the Philippines. An unusually heavy monsoon season inundated the region from mid-December to early January, leaving nearly a quarter of a million people displaced from their homes.

The flooding has caused dozens of deaths and extensive damage throughout the region. Initial estimates from the Malaysian ministry project that clean-up efforts will cost the federal government nearly $60 million. 4Life reports that the disaster has affected more than 100 of its Malaysian distributors. The company has an office in Kota Bharu, a city in the northeastern state of Kelantan, where some of the most severe flooding occurred.

Foundation 4Life focuses on building people, family and communities wherever 4Life conducts business, and the company has repeatedly mobilized its network of distributors around the world to aid in disaster relief. In Malaysia, employees and distributors gathered at 4Life’s Petaling Jaya office outside Kuala Lumpur to prepare aid packages. The foundation delivered an initial shipment totaling nearly 2,000 pounds of food and necessities to Kota Bharu, followed by a second shipment exceeding 2,800 pounds.

4Life’s Vice President of Communications, Calvin Jolley, told DSN the company is also supporting local distributors with monetary donations and supplies. Foundation 4Life plans to hold an event at its Kota Bharu office in the first week of February to meet with leaders, make donations, and assess next steps in the aftermath of the disaster.


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