90 Days of Direct Selling – Day 84


Vision International People Group

2013 Net Sales: $96 million

Country: Cyprus

Vision International People Group is a global networking community that offers a wide range of high-quality, effective and natural healthcare products aimed at increasing well-being around the world. Since the foundation of the company in 1996, it has been directing its efforts to creating a new culture of health. The company’s philosophy is based on the Whole Health Option (WHO), claiming health to be the highest value of any human being and that health is the harmony between a person’s physical state, spiritual welfare, intellectual purposefulness and social equity, which can be obtained by leading a high quality of life.


2012 Rank: 91
2012 Net Sales: $95 million
Sales Method: Person-to-person
Compensation Structure: Multi-level
Products: Wellness
Markets: 20
Salespeople: 150,000
Employees: 430
Headquarters: Nicosia, Cyprus
Executive: Dmitry Buriak
Year Founded: 1996
Website: http://www.vipgroup.net




Vorwerk & Co. KG

2013 Net Sales: $3.70 billion

Country: Germany

Vorwerk is a family-owned, Germany-based company that has been focusing on the direct sales channel since 1930. Products include household appliances as well as high-quality cosmetics. Vorwerk & Co. KG is a global group that includes JAFRA Cosmetics, which reported sales volume of $612.5 million.


2012 Rank: 4
2012 Net Sales: $3.3 billion
Sales Method: Person-to-person and party plan
Compensation Structure: Multi-level
Products: Cosmetics, household appliances, home care
Markets: 76
Salespeople: 620,000
Employees: 12,000
Headquarters: Wuppertal, Germany
Executives: Walter Muyres, Reiner Strecker and Frank van Oers
Year Founded: 1883
Website: http://www.vorwerk.com



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