Nerium Mexico Expansion Features Revamped Product Line

Amid expansion into Canada and Mexico this year, Nerium International has tweaked its product offerings with an eye toward future growth. The anti-aging brand promises international consumers the same “real science, real results,” but its signature skincare line has gotten a makeover.

Nerium’s U.S. line consists of NeriumAD Night and Day treatments and a separate body contouring cream. In place of the NeriumAD brand, the company has introduced Optimera skincare to international consumers. The new product shares the same fundamental science as NeriumAD, said Nerium Chief Marketing Officer Amber Olson Rourke, with the added benefit of being globally compliant. According to the company’s website, Optimera Night and Day Creams include an “exclusive, patent-pending SAL-14 extract with a cutting-edge plant cell duplication technology.” The overhaul reflects a deliberate, long-term approach to expansion.

“For Canada and Mexico, we took a lot of the same properties, and the things we’ve found to be effective from an anti-aging perspective, to form a true global product built on the same foundational elements,” Rourke shared.

In Mexico, where Nerium launched in October, the company has hosted thousands at its grand opening events across the country. The connections formed by Latino Brand Partners in the U.S., as well as the groundwork laid by Nerium, created a warm market for the company.

“We didn’t do a soft launch. We spent a lot of time preparing to launch—we had an in-country executive team, in-country logistics and in-country support,” Rourke noted. “We were able to take what we’d done in the past and apply it to Mexico.”

Nerium has found that its values, culture and business model—with a focus on teamwork, home parties and selling to friends and neighbors—resonate with Latino customers and Brand Partners. Another aspect that has made an impression on Rourke is the enthusiasm and dedication of Nerium’s partners in Mexico.

“In the U.S., people kind of dip their toe into the water,” she notes “…There they are all in, excited, grateful and committed to the work it takes for anyone to change their lives and build a business.”


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