Born or Made? Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report Explores the Education Factor

If entrepreneurs are the engine of business, Amway’s Global Entrepreneurship Report provides a regular check under the hood. The annual report assesses the state of entrepreneurship around the globe, and for direct selling companies the results show plenty of potential. This year’s study includes a record 38 markets, where on average 75 percent of respondents expressed positive attitudes toward entrepreneurship.

The entrepreneur fever is at its highest among younger people, specifically those under 35, where positive respondents increased to 80 percent. In 37 of the 38 countries polled, a majority believed that entrepreneurship can be taught; however, one region of the world remains polarized on the question. Eighty-three percent of Chinese respondents—more than in any other market—affirmed the ability to learn entrepreneurial skills, while Japan represented the other end of the spectrum at just 40 percent. On the whole, training in basic business skills is the education people desire most.

While education is a crucial factor, location is also key to striking out as an entrepreneur. The survey asked respondents to gauge their society’s attitude toward entrepreneurship based on politics, media coverage and personal experience. The responses show that Denmark is most friendly toward entrepreneurs, while direct selling’s largest market, the United States, appears 13th on the list.

The insights in this year’s report come from a survey of 43,000 people, ages 14-99. Amway once again partnered with Technische Universität München (TUM) and leading research firm Gesellschaft fuer Konsumforschung (GfK) to create the report. The company has also partnered with an academic advisor in each market to assist in interpreting the data.

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