Focus, Focus, Focus

by Cindy and Scott Monroe

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Cindy Monroe is Founder, President & CEO, and Scott Monroe is Chief Brand Officer of Thirty-One Gifts.

As our business has grown over the past several years, there has been one challenge that always seems to rear its head: focus. Even as our teachers and parents often reminded us to “focus, focus, focus” when we were children, still today, as business leaders, the ability to maintain focus in the midst of a growing and thriving business is one of the greatest challenges we face.Focus can be tough for entrepreneurs especially. Our creative desire to find bigger and better ideas creates a perfect environment for distraction if not kept in check. We believe that by being purposeful and minimizing distractions, we can maintain focus on the things that make the most impact and keep us on track toward a bright future.

Scott and Cindy Monroe

Scott and Cindy Monroe

Cindy Monroe: Purposeful is such an important word to us at Thirty-One that it is one of our 12 core values. We ask ourselves “why?” often. It seems elementary, but how many times have we all gotten deep into an initiative that’s just not working and found ourselves wondering why we started it to begin with? I’ve found that when I’m purposeful from the beginning and plan and get the right people around the table who work together as a team, we can determine ahead of time whether it’s going to become a distraction or not.

We should also constantly evaluate whether or not what we’re in the middle of is still on purpose. We all have to face it. Sometimes our greatest ideas that seem to start out as winners end up losing focus, losing purpose and ultimately getting off track. We have to be honest with ourselves and learn to let some things go or learn to let others be rebuilt. In the tactical execution it’s so easy to get distracted by all of the very important details and find ourselves quickly off-purpose. If you’re feeling bogged down on something in business or life, I want to encourage you to step back and examine it. Is it still purposeful? Are you focused or is it all cluttered with distractions? Are there lots of good things getting in the way of you doing great things? These are all questions we try to ask ourselves every week, and I think they’re questions we should all ask ourselves and our teams daily. Also, as top executives, it’s easy not to realize the amount of energy that executing an idea or initiative takes. Ask your team many times during the project for the amount of time the idea is taking compared to other initiatives or day-to-day core competencies.

Scott Monroe: In photography, there is the concept of depth of field. Many of the most beautiful photos ever shot have a very narrow depth of field. The subject is close and in perfect focus while everything else in the foreground and background are out of focus. It’s easy for us amateur iPhone photographers to want everything in focus but we find our all-inclusive shots, taken from a safe distance, to be distracting and uninteresting.

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