Tyra Banks Reveals Her Latest Venture, a Direct Selling Beauty Brand

Not everyone can be America’s Next Top Model, but now every woman can buy (and sell) runway-ready beauty products tested and approved by Tyra Banks, creator of the hit reality show. The enterprising former model, author and television personality has rolled out TYRA Beauty, a new cosmetics line sold directly through women who join the company as “Beautytainers.”

The fully self-funded venture has been four years in the making, but Banks has honed her own makeup expertise throughout a career in modeling and 21 cycles as producer and host of Top Model. The line features easy-to-apply products based on the three pillars of the TYRA Beauty experience: the TYover, the Smize and the It Factory.

TYover products come in a stick and incorporate proprietary “TY-Glide Technology” for versatile looks on the go. The Smize—a popular term from the Tyra lexicon for “smiling with your eyes”—pillar is all about eye makeup. And finally, the It Factory is a collection of cosmetics that combine unique textures and innovative formulas.

“Without makeup, I would have never been a supermodel.  I don’t wake up with naturally sculpted cheekbones—I paint them on! I believe makeup is the great beauty equalizer,” Banks shared in her announcement.

Tyra Beauty is also equalizing its distribution method through the direct selling channel. In a model the company has dubbed “CEOYou selling,” individuals can sign on as independent contractors and receive online training through Tyra University (TyraU). Of course, it’s not a catwalk without some mood music, and Banks has also collaborated with Jingle Punks, producers Dem Jointz and Ryan Toby, and Motown artist STORi to create the CEOYou Selling anthem, Bootyful.


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