4Life Bolsters Scientific Research with Auburn University Partnership

A new partnership between wellness company 4Life Research and Auburn University will advance academic studies on the safety and effectiveness of 4Life products. The company recently made a $100,000 gift in support of The Molecular and Applied Sciences Laboratory in Auburn’s School of Kinesiology.

The research will range from specific ingredients and how they affect physiological systems, to safety studies and new ingredient discovery. 4Life has developed a product line based upon its trademark Transferceutical Science, which supports the immune system in remembering and responding to potential health threats.

“Companies are always looking for ways to generate scientific credibility in their research, and this is an area where 4Life is truly committed,” said Vice President of Communications Calvin Jolley.

4Life has collaborated with a number of universities in the past, but the Auburn partnership is by far the most significant. The company’s willingness to invest resources in academic research was a major draw for Chief Scientific Officer Chris Lockwood, Ph.D., CSCS, who joined 4Life last year.

“Prior to coming to 4Life, I did consulting with a lot of different companies within the industry,” Lockwood told DSN. “It’s been great to see the support our founders, David and Bianca Lisonbee, have given to exploratory research that doesn’t necessarily guarantee results.”

Lockwood met Auburn’s Dr. Michael Roberts, Director of the Molecular and Applied Sciences Lab, when the two worked together at the University of Oklahoma. Since then Lockwood has continued to run research through Roberts, whom he calls “an incredibly brilliant and gifted person.”

The studies will take place in the 58,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art kinesiology research facility that opened on Auburn’s campus last fall. “When we first visited the facility, we were shocked to realize the depth of their research capabilities across the spectrum of anything we would want or need to do,” Lockwood shared.

The Auburn partnership will support 4Life’s in-house R&D department in its commitment to innovation, substantiation and education. 4Life also enlists the expertise of physicians and nutrition experts worldwide who sit on its Health Sciences Advisory Board (HSAB). The board gathered last week for its annual HSAB Symposium, where members have the opportunity to share insights on product evaluation, scientific study, and technical interpretation.


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