Nerium’s Amber Olson Rourke Named ‘40 Under 40’

Photo above: Rourke presents a $300,000 donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters on behalf of Nerium employees, Brand Partners and customers.

Young, dynamic, and innovative are all terms that describe Nerium International, as well as the company’s Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Amber Olson Rourke. Direct Marketing News recently named Rourke to its 40 Under 40, a list of the brightest and most ambitious professionals in the integrated, digital and traditional direct marketing fields.

The publication’s editorial team vetted the nominations, identifying marketers whose work had “already left an indelible mark on their organizations, clients, and the industry as a whole.” They are individuals who have proven their ability to build consumer loyalty and bring a true competitive advantage to their organizations. Some of Rourke’s fellow honorees include Michelle Killebrew, Program Director at IBM; Sally Mundell, Senior Director at Spanx; and Ron Selvey, VP at Shutterstock subsidiary WebDAM.

At Nerium, the only direct seller represented on the list, Rourke has learned a valuable lesson about marketing within the industry. “Don’t overcomplicate your message,” she shared with DSN in an email. “Your message has to be able to resonate with your consumer even after it has been passed through multiple people.”

Simplicity is a recurring theme at Nerium. With just two products in one market, the company recorded net sales of $219 million in 2013. Rourke says Nerium is now working to expand into international markets and, in time, expand the product line as well.

“As always, we are focused on research and development that will lead to our next breakthrough product, because at the core of our marketing efforts are products that address an unmet need in the marketplace,” said Rourke.

Asked what motivates her to roll up her sleeves and do the work every day, Rourke points to the company’s salespeople. “Our Brand Partners are depending on my team to provide them the best tools, branding, communication and events so that they can experience success,” she shared. “The majority of our Brand Partners are building their business with a few spare hours a week, and we want to make those hours count.”

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