Direct Selling Proclamation and Compact: Affirm Your Commitment to the Industry

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If you were asked to think of all the people you know personally whose lives have been bettered because of direct selling, how many people would come to mind? The answer is probably hundreds, or even thousands. Expand that to consider all direct sellers around the world and the answer would be tens of millions.

But who will tell the story of these millions of individuals who have defined their own version of success through direct selling? In cooperation with DSA member companies, the Direct Selling Association hopes to do just that through what is being called the “Direct Selling Proclamation and Compact.” This positive and inspiring statement of support for and commitment to direct selling has already been affirmed by more than 15,000 direct sellers—but in order to make an overwhelming statement about the positive impact of direct selling, the opportunity to sign this document needs to become nothing less than viral!

Take a look at just a few of the inspiring stories told by those who have signed the Proclamation:


“I am the mother of an autistic 5-year-old boy. My job in direct sales has allowed me to earn a paycheck for my family while setting my own hours and being there for every doctor’s appointment, therapy session, or special class my son’s condition requires.”
— Kelli R. (Enon, Ohio)

“Direct selling supplements my household income and provides me with opportunities to meet new people in my community. Running my own small business allows me to challenge myself, reap the rewards of my hard work, and take pride in building something of my own.” 
— Christie C. (Higden, Ark.)


Kelli R. and Christie C. are two among thousands who have stood up for the direct selling industry by sharing their inspirational stories and signing the Direct Selling Proclamation and Compact. But we need more. We need our voices to be heard and our stories told. The beauty of this industry is the abundance of inspirational stories unfolding every day. All direct selling companies are asked to make their field sellers aware of the Proclamation and Compact and encourage them to sign on. It takes just a few minutes and will certainly provide a mental boost when they know they are joining thousands of other direct sellers in support of a business model that has helped them create a better life.


“My husband and I wanted to have children and I wanted to be able to stay at home with them. I needed to bring in an income. My company fits perfectly into that situation. I moved into a management position and was able to stay at home with our two children. Now they’re 14 and 15, and I still love the flexibility, opportunity and the freedom that a home-based business gives me. My business pays for the mortgage on our new home and then some. I am so thankful for the freedom a home-based business gives to me and my family.”
— Jill U. (Detroit Lakes, Minn.)

“Direct selling resulted in my first job out of college. It gave me purpose and training and an experience to add to my resume that was unmatched by any regular job I could have had in the same time.”
Benjamin M. (New Paltz, N.Y.)


The Direct Selling Proclamation and Compact can be accessed online at

To get the message out to your field, DSA can provide you with a sample newsletter article and links to Facebook posts, tweets and LinkedIn articles you can use to spread the word. To see the thousands of stories that have already been submitted, visit (The proclamation is also available in Spanish at

For more information or materials you can use to spread the word about this opportunity to your field, contact Amy Robinson at

Amy M. RobinsonAmy Robinson is Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the U.S. Direct Selling Association.


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