On Board at CVSL: 3 Questions with Kay Bailey Hutchison

CVSL recently introduced former Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) as the latest addition to its board of directors. Hutchison joins CVSL at a time when the executive team is working to acquire a wide range of micro-enterprise companies. In less than a year, CVSL has added seven distinct brands, the most recent being Uppercase Living’s line of personalized home décor products.

Kay Bailey Hutchison“We’ve built a strong base and proven that the CVSL strategy works, so now we’re moving on to the next opportunities,” Vice President Russell Mack told DSN via email. “It’s a really exciting time for CVSL, and we feel that we have tremendous momentum.”Mack says Hutchison stood out as an “eloquent supporter of free enterprise and entrepreneurship” with a “global perspective” gained through years of service at the highest level of government.

“For another thing, a great many micro-entrepreneurs are women,” said Mack, who also serves on the CVSL board. “As the only woman ever elected to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate, Sen. Hutchison obviously has a keen desire to bring opportunities to women in every field of endeavor.”

We reached out to Hutchison as she begins her new role, and she shared her thoughts on CVSL’s strategy, the power of micro-enterprise and the importance of expanding opportunities for women.

DSN: What attracted you to CVSL’s unique group of companies?

SH: I was attracted to the way CVSL is bringing together the power of micro-enterprise and combining it with the power of social connections and social media. I like the way CVSL is bringing together under one umbrella a family of different companies that offer different kinds of products and services. And of course, the company executives at CVSL have a proven track record in this arena.

DSN: How do you, as an entrepreneur yourself, view the potential of micro-enterprise around the world?

SH: Micro-enterprise can build economies in emerging markets, and it can especially enhance the capability of women to contribute to the well-being of their families and in a broader sense to their country’s GNP. One of the most powerful aspects of micro-enterprise is that it has tremendous benefits in nations at all levels of development, whether it be in fully developed economies like the U.S. or in emerging economies elsewhere in the world.

DSN: You have described your new role as a meaningful way to touch women’s lives. What do you consider some of the most effective means to empower women personally and professionally?

SH: In countries where women have equal educational opportunities and the ability to participate in business, the professions and community building, the overall stability and economic output is exponentially higher. Child mortality rates are lower; life spans are longer. CVSL is built on this premise and hopes to help women produce in micro-businesses the quality of life for their families that lifts the society as a whole.


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