The Most Influential Women in Direct Selling

by Beth Douglass Silcox

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Cover | March Issue

This issue of Direct Selling News is dedicated to celebrating the women of direct selling. Tenacity has certainly been a consistent trait among the women of our nation, as well as the women of the world. Always fighting to better the situation for their families, and for themselves, women have had to be tenacious to overcome all of the obstacles in their paths. Take into consideration that women couldn’t even go to college, vote, hold professional positions or practice law or medicine until our very recent past, and you will see that entrepreneurial stubbornness has been a necessity to get where we are now.

It is important to reflect on the past, in order to make the future better. It is especially important now since opportunity for women has become so much more widespread, and the daughters of this generation may struggle to even believe that their great-grandmothers couldn’t vote or have options in the professional world.

It is in celebration of all the women who fight for opportunity—those in the past and those currently fighting—that we bring you this issue. We asked 21 of the most influential executive women in direct selling questions about their specific journeys, their motivations and inspirations, and their preferences for mentoring other women along the way.

The path each woman took to the heights of direct selling corporate management is as unique as the individual. Yet all 21 are inextricably linked by the influence they have on the lives of hundreds of thousands, even millions of women across the globe who work in direct sales to enrich their families, make a difference in their communities and in the lives of others, and reach for their own dreams.

Direct Selling News selected this group of women based upon their executive leadership roles in companies that achieved inclusion in the DSN Global 100 list and the $100M Club. It comprises women who help guide our industry through their leadership and vision. There are many women hard at work in far more companies than we’ve listed here. But by proudly honoring these 21, Direct Selling News salutes every female leader—corporate or field—who strives for more, respects those who blazed the trail, and reaches out to those on the way up.

Cover Story | Women’s History | Sheryl Adkins-Green | Claire Bancino | Meredith Berkich | Lori Bush | Dr. Oi-Lin Chen | Doris Christopher | Angela Loehr Chrysler | Kathy Coover | Shelli Gardner | Jessica Herrin | Wendy Lewis | Candace Matthews | Sheri McCoy | Cindy Monroe | Kay Napier | Joani Nielson | Meg Sheetz | Pam Sowder | Jill Blashack Strahan | Connie Tang | Heidi Thompson


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