Digital Tools Equip Next Gen Amway Sellers

Amway’s Australia business is at the forefront of the $11.8 billion company’s digital evolution, and Head of Sales & Marketing John Haines recently spoke to CMO about building a digital culture to empower Amway business owners and consumers.

In a recent interview with DSN, Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel noted the growing number of young entrepreneurs interested in the business. Haines points to that trend as a major factor shaping his team’s digital strategy. Amway supports 100,000 Independent Business Owners (IBOs) throughout Australia and New Zealand, and half of new distributors signing up represent Generation Y. Three years ago, the company began digitizing its resources in earnest to meet the needs of the current and next wave of IBOs.

In the first phase, Amway converted its print pieces into digital format—an initiative that reduced the company’s print costs by 70 percent. Those materials now live on the Amway Bookshelf app, which boasts 35 different publications and growing. Publications include sales toolkits, clinical research papers, and various articles and interviews highlighting R&D and manufacturing processes.

In the next phase, Amway plans to introduce new apps that will equip IBOs to better understand and manage their businesses. The “MyBiz” app set to launch in June will provide a real-time view not only of the individual’s business activity, but also that of his team. Amway Australia is currently rolling out a “check express” app to serve consumers at its business center locations. The app provides access to a video or audio presentation on each product through a simple barcode scan.

The company has beefed up regional and global staff to power its digital push, and provided training for older IBOs who are adapting to a new way of doing business. Ultimately, Haines says, the goal is to empower IBOs to reach more customers and prospects—whenever and wherever they choose to operate.

Read the full feature from CMO.


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