DSN Exclusive: Amway CEOs on Company’s Record Year

The industry’s top revenue-generating company for 2012 has announced another year of record sales. Amway reported its seventh consecutive year of growth with annual sales of $11.8 billion for 2013, up from $11.3 billion the previous year.

DSN spoke to the company’s Co-CEOs, Chairman Steve Van Andel and President Doug DeVos, who credit Amway’s growth to the leadership and motivation of its distributors. “It’s really their engine,” said Van Andel. “The great thing for us is that over longer periods of time, we see different groups coming into the business.”

Young people represent one group increasingly attracted to Amway’s entrepreneurial opportunity, Van Andel noted. “That bodes well for now, but it also bodes well for the future because that group will, I think, stay with us for a while and continue to have success, which contributes to the overall success of the business.”

The company’s 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Report, wherein two-thirds of the countries surveyed boasted a positive outlook on entrepreneurship, also bodes well for the future of Amway and the industry as a whole. “If people around the world support entrepreneurialism, if they support people going into business for themselves and operating their own businesses—they support our industry,” said Van Andel. “We’re very optimistic about the industry in that sense.”

The Co-CEOs expressed optimism about direct selling not only as a business opportunity, but also as a way to bring individuals into communities with a common purpose. “The people, plan and products by themselves are nice, but in Amway—and in direct selling—we have the capacity to bring them together. That’s what our industry does; it makes connections and creates community,” said DeVos.

One common purpose that Amway distributors and employees have rallied behind is the Amway One by One Campaign, which has impacted the lives of 10 million children worldwide. The organization has contributed 2.7 million volunteer hours and nearly $200 million to causes that support children in need.

The past year also saw Amway branching into a unique aspect of its business with the opening of a handful of physical locations around the world. Amway piloted its Amway Business Center model at New York’s Citi Field and most recently opened a center in Berlin, Germany. DeVos describes these physical locations as a place for people “to experience the business in a way that makes Amway real.”

Read the full announcement from Amway.


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