Creating The Perfect Day: 7 Principles For Priority Living – Passion, Potential and Procrastination


Todd Duncan is the author of High Trust Selling, sought-after speaker and personal development expert.

Todd Duncan


Priority living occurs when your business and life work together. The patterns of execution that cause you to be a successful originator also cause you to be a successful father, mother, husband or wife. Priority living is a 360 degree approach to living on purpose and doing business on purpose. Ultimately, by following these principles, you will do what’s necessary to earn more money in less time with less stress. Let’s review the first three principles now:PRINCIPLE #1: Increase Your Passion!

Passion is what success is all about. You have to love this business. Be excited by the prospect of having a perfect day, of going home 100% fulfilled every day, of knowing that you can double your income and time off while living your dreams and your purpose.

PRINCIPLE #2: Reduce Your Procrastination! You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.

Take action now. Don’t let fear stop you. Run to the customer that’s upset, the Realtor ® you feel you won’t get an appointment with, the business model you know you want to create, or the assistant you’ve thought about hiring. When you have faith in the future, the knowledge and skills to do what you need to do, and momentum from repeating an action until it is a new habit, then there will be no need to procrastinate.

PRINCIPLE #3: Unlock Your Potential!

You have more potential than you think. As Norman Vincent Peale says, “Anybody can do just about anything with himself that he really wants to and makes up his mind to do. We are all capable of greater things than we realize.”

Coming soon: four more principles of priority living that are also crucial to creating your perfect day.

For more on creating the perfect day, Todd Duncan expands on the idea of building a desirable life his MP3, Life Mastery: Living Life by Design, available at the SUCCESS Store.

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