Vorwerk’s Unconventional Entry into Australia

The Australian Financial Review recently featured the remarkable story of Grace Mazur, who introduced multi-function kitchen appliance Thermomix to Australia in 2001. As a result of her efforts, Thermomix parent company Vorwerk has since sold about 120,000 units in the country, with last year’s revenues topping $80 million.
Mazur first encountered Thermomix in classic direct selling style—in the home of a friend, where she was staying during a trip to Poland. Impressed by the product and its dexterous use by her friend’s teenage children, Mazur purchased the appliance and experienced its happy effects in her own kitchen.

Mazur’s story then veers from the conventional. Now the No. 4 direct selling company in the world, Vorwerk of Germany did not then operate in Australia or neighboring New Zealand. Undaunted, Mazur saw the product’s immense potential and petitioned the company for license to operate in the region—a request Vorwerk eventually granted after thrice declining to do business with Mazur.

As she spent the first 18 months refining the demonstration process and adapting recipes to an Australian audience, Mazur continued to run her mining advisory consultancy in Perth. She now serves as Managing Director of Thermomix’ Australian business, with a staff of 55, at its headquarters in Balcatta, Perth.

Mazur reports last year’s sales—driven by the strength of the product, the customer service and the accompanying celebrity endorsements—at approximately 4,000 units a month, projecting double that number over the next four years.

Read the full account from the Australian Financial Review.


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