Natura Purchases First Indigenous Carbon Offsets


As a part of its ongoing Natura Carbon Neutral initiative, Natura Cosméticos has purchased 120,000 tons of carbon offsets from the Paiter Suruí, an indigenous Amazonian people. The forest-carbon credits represent the first developed by an indigenous people, and the transaction sets a precedent for similar efforts in the future.

In 2007, Natura publicly committed to being a carbon-neutral company and reducing its carbon emissions by one-third from 2006 levels by year-end 2013. Through the Natura Carbon Neutral initiative, Latin America’s largest cosmetics maker offsets those emissions it cannot reduce internally through investments in like-minded emission-reduction projects.

The Paiter Suruí generated REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) credits in accordance with the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) through the preservation of endangered rainforest. Proceeds collected through the Suruí Forest Carbon Project will provide a means to implement the Suruí “Life Plan” project, which aims to cultivate a sustainable economy through a mix of traditional land-use practices, ecotourism, and modern methods of harvesting non-timber forest products.

Read more on Natura’s carbon neutral program and the work of the Paiter Suruí.


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