Amway and the Profit of Doing Good


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a popular theme in the business world, and that is particularly true among direct sellers—for good reason. Companies that take responsibility for their business practices and seek to make a positive impact in the world also understand that doing good is a smart business tool.

A recent Forbes article explores the efforts of Amway and several other large corporations who make doing good a priority. With its disaster relief efforts and initiatives like the One by One Campaign for Children, Amway is one of many direct selling companies that emphasizes CSR.

Todd Woodward, Amway’s Vice President of Corporate and Integrated Communications, describes One by One as a “grassroots movement driven largely by distributors working in their local communities on programs they are passionate about.” Though it began as a corporate initiative, One by One has become a framework to support distributors, through assistance like funding and matching grants, as they participate in a variety of child-centric community programs.

While One by One has mobilized Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) around the world, the company also serves those in its home state. Last year, Amway received the Governor’s Service Award from Michigan’s Gov. Rick Snyder, a tribute to the excellent corporate citizenship demonstrated through Amway’s giving and volunteer service.

More importantly, potential employees and IBOs have taken note of Amway’s focus on giving back. CSR programs incentivize many IBOs to build their businesses and help the company attract top talent. “We have heard from a number of recent hires that they researched our giving efforts before deciding to join Amway,” Woodward said.

Read the full story from Forbes.


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