ViSalus Expands Focus on Hispanic Consumers


Health and fitness company ViSalus has unveiled a major effort to improve programs and materials geared toward its Hispanic consumers. The company behind the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge recently announced the expanded strategy at its national Vitality convention.

Collaborating with more than 5,000 of the company’s own independent promoters of Latino Heritage, ViSalus has taken a comprehensive approach to expanding its focus on the Latino market. The company’s new offerings include updated promotional materials to cross cultural and language barriers, a convenient cash payment solution, and plans to launch a multi-city Spanish-only Challenge Tour in Q3 2013.

Our July cover story explores the many ways that “Diversity = Opportunity” for today’s direct sellers. DSN spoke to Miriam Muléy, CEO of marketing consultancy and research company The 85% Niche LLC, who points out that “the Latino, African-American and Asian populations are responsible for more than 90 percent of the population growth in the United States, with annual buying power of almost $4 trillion.” That amounts to more economic buying power than Brazil, Russia and India combined.

ViSalus is tapping into a large segment of this potential buying (and selling) power with a greater focus on the 50 million U.S. citizens of Hispanic descent. The effort aligns the company’s commitment to helping people lose weight with an at-risk population.

“Hispanics are 1.2 times more likely to become obese than non-Hispanics,” said Nick Sarnicola, Co-Founder and Global Ambassador of ViSalus. “This is an important constituency for us, and we are excited to bring the Body by Vi Challenge to them to change more lives that are truly at risk.”

Read the full press release from ViSalus.


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