Study Finds Big ROI on Little Social Media Interactions

Would you like to see 9 out of 10 consumers recommend your brand? New research from the UK’s IAB Social Media Council, conducted by Marketing Sciences, found that 90 percent of consumers would recommend a brand after interacting with it on social media.

The research, conducted over a period of eight weeks, measured the return of investment on social media campaigns from three FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) brands: Heinz, Kettle and Twinings. Four fifths of the study’s participants reported greater inclination to buy a brand more often in the future after being exposed to its social media presence. A slightly higher 83 percent said they would go on to trial the brand’s product.

As discussed in our February feature on what lies ahead for the industry, social media is a particularly powerful tool in the hands of direct sellers. It is essentially “the digital expression of what the direct selling model has always been about: a personal relationship between the supplier and the customer, whether that is the independent rep or the end consumer.”

The personal element of direct selling has an opportunity to shine through social media. Kristin Brewe, Chair of the IAB’s Social Media Council, says building brand loyalty through social media does not require flashy campaigns, as many marketers think. “It’s quite simple: showcase what people love about you. Provide a platform where they can also share what they love about you,” said Brewe.

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