Letter from John Fleming, June 2013

John FlemingWe are always proud to bring you the DSN Global 100 ranking, which is, as always, the result of many hours of collaboration. Those companies that participate reveal not only a level of performance but also a very transparent look at who they are and what they do. The ranking allows for a compilation of stats, facts and profiles that serve to identify the economic impact 100 companies have on the global direct selling industry. We also know that the ranking is often used by companies and observers as somewhat of a benchmark. We are all competitive by nature, and if the comparative feature is of positive benefit we are pleased.

From our point of view, we are just as excited about the company that landed in slot 100 as we are about any other slot. Every company in every slot participated by sharing their basic information for the greater benefit of showing the impact the direct selling channel of distribution has on the lives of people throughout the world. Behind the numbers are the many stories of people from all walks of life who are benefiting from the products and services sold by independent business owners. There are many stories to tell! In this issue we will tell a few about the companies and individuals who were recognized for special achievement due to performance and their individual works.

I’ll start by saying congratulations to Amway on their No. 1 ranking for 2012, and to every company in the DSN Global 100 ranking as well as every other company that utilizes the people-focused business model this industry is so proud of. The world benefits from your leadership and your contribution!

On April 3rd, at our annual banquet, we presented the 2013 Bravo Awards in three categories: Momentum, Growth and Leadership. We think you will enjoy reading the highlights of the event in this issue as well as more about the honorees who received those awards. Most importantly, we extend our appreciation and gratitude to all who joined us on the evening of April 3rd and all of the companies who shared their information and participated in the DSN Global 100 ranking. We know there are companies that we still have not identified or been able to contact. As much as we try to reach every company that would be a candidate for our ranking, we are often unable to connect with a proper contact. If we missed you this year, for whatever reason, we look forward to connecting with you next year and profiling what you provide to people who have the freedom of choice in how they purchase goods and services and how they work.

The total revenues reported by the DSN Global 100 companies for calendar year 2012 were $72 billion. Within this month’s cover story you will find several data points to be very interesting. One that caught our attention was that 17 companies ranking in the DSN Global 100 were less than 10 years old and six of the 17 were less than 5 years old. There may be a correlation developing that links the use of technology, data mining, analytics and social media to increased effectiveness throughout the direct selling channel. Are companies growing at a faster rate? Many of the newer companies certainly appear to be growing at a faster rate than what was observed in prior years. The basics appear to be the same, but tech in its many different formats is a new fuel when layered in with solid basics. Like many others, we have joined the parade of those who continue to share what we are learning from the industry about the use of technology and its impact on businesses.

From this perspective, the industry appears to be vibrant and well positioned for the times. The use of “social” in the direct selling business process continues to grow and the learning being applied is probably still in its infancy. People are being attracted to the business model for many reasons, but it is obvious that technology, coupled with innovation and excellence in products and services, is actually making it easier for customers to benefit and business builders to build.

As this publication goes to press, we always reflect on the headlines in the media that go along with the good news shared in our June issue about some remarkable companies and leaders who are impacting humanity in such a positive manner. As was the case at this time last year, some of the good news in national media was related to the up-tick in the U.S. jobs report. The report of 165,000 new jobs created during the month of April served as good news for the public against a lower number achieved the month before. This gives the direct selling industry the opportunity to reflect with pride on the fact that, overall, direct selling companies continue to provide over 50,000 people a week, in the U.S. alone, with something that is also unique—it is called “opportunity.”

Until next month… enjoy the issue!

John Fleming
Publisher and Editor in Chief


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Direct Selling News Magazine has been serving direct selling and network marketing executives since 2004. Each issue of Direct Selling News offers content on topics that shape the dynamics of our industry.

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