New Longaberger Owner Eyeing Additional Brands


Direct Selling News reported last month that The Longaberger Company had signed an agreement with Dallas-based Computer Vision Systems Laboratories Corp. (CVSL), bringing the 40-year-old company under the umbrella of publicly-held CVSL. The conglomerate has confirmed that it is also in discussions to acquire other undisclosed direct sales companies representing $6 billion in combined revenue.

According to Chairman John Rochon, CVSL’s direct selling strategy focuses on maintaining independent management of each brand, as Longaberger has under its agreement. Each company will preserve its unique identity while benefitting from the partnership of an entire portfolio of brands. For example, CVSL intends to utilize the considerable available space at Longaberger facilities in New Jersey and Ohio as it structures the operations of additional companies.

CEO Tami Longaberger is excited to see what the future holds for The Longaberger Company. “As the world changes, so do businesses,” she said. “Good, strong businesses find allies and partnerships that make them stronger. It’s not just a smart thing but in many ways essential.”

Read the full Columbus Dispatch story here.


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